JFB Takes Fire Prevention Message Islandwide

Jamaica News: The Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) is taking fire safety and prevention information to communities islandwide, through its ‘Pon Di Corna’ sessions.

Acting Assistant Commissioner and Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Julian Davis-Buckle, told JIS News that the ‘Pon Di Corna’ sessions will bring public awareness to fire and life safety techniques.

“During a fire, people panic, and most times it is because of a lack of information. [Many people] have never seen a fire drill done or they have never heard of a fire drill. They have never heard of an emergency number to call in case of a fire. We want to make these things more public, so people will readily understand it,” she said.

“When you tell someone to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’, more often than not, they take it for granted. But we want them to understand that ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ works. We want them to understand that if you practise these things, then when an emergency arises you will act rationally,” Mrs. Davis-Buckle added.

The ‘Pon Di Corna’ sessions will see the JFB setting up displays at select plazas in major towns. Sessions will include interactive fire and safety talks, simulation exercises, and the training and certification of community fire wardens. Community members will also be taught the alternatives to open burning and how to care for fire hydrants.

The Chief Fire Prevention Officer said the sessions will help the JFB in carrying out its mandate of ‘Saving Lives and Protecting Property’.

Teaching alternatives to open burning will also reduce the occurrence of bush fires. Between January and September this year, the JFB recorded 4,627 bush fires, almost four times the number of structural fires recorded for that period.

“During our ‘Pon Di Corna’ talks, we will teach [community members] how to make fire breaks. In the event of a fire in a rural community, for example, they will know how to prevent the fire from burning and spreading to their homes through making fire breaks. They will be able to protect their surroundings until we can get there,” she said.

The ‘Pon Di Corna’ sessions are being held as part of Fire and Life Safety Awareness Week from October 21-27.

“Fire safety is everybody’s business. What we are hoping to gain from this is that people will understand and take seriously the fire-safety tips that our Fire Prevention Officers give,” Mrs. Davis-Buckle said.


Source: JIS News

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