Jesus being sought for shooting in Westmoreland

The Westmoreland police have arrested 38-year-old Nardo Grant, a labourer of Farm Pen, Savanna-la-mar, in Westmoreland, with Wounding with Intent, and Illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, while his accomplice who is known only as ‘Jesus’, is now being sought by the police.

Both men are said to be behind the shooting and wounding of another man in Farm Pen district, on Wednesday, March 3.

Reports by the Savanna-la-mar police are that about 7:45 pm, the victim, was exiting his motor vehicle when he was confronted by Grant, and the man known as ‘Jesus’.

The men brandished handguns and held the victim at gunpoint, but he put up a struggle and was shot during the process.

Both accused fled the scene,and the wounded man was assisted to hospital where he was treated and admitted.

A report was made to the Savanna-la-mar police, and following a week-long Investigation, Grant was apprehended on Sunday, March 7, and slapped with charges.

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