Jermey Campbell: Case of Sudden Unexplained Death- After Sex

Jermey Campbell
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 Jamaica News St. Catherine, Occurred:* Tuesday, May 1, 2018, about 7:10 p.m.  *Place Occurred:*  Brunswick Avenue, Spanish Town, St. Catherine.  
*Deceased:* Jeremy Campbell,  Jamaica Defence Force (J.D.F) Corporal attached to the Engineer Regiment at Up Park Camp Military Headquarters
*From information received:* On Monday, April 30, 2018 sometime in the day, the now deceased contacted a female via WhatsApp messaging service expressing his interest in her.  The now deceased who is also a licensed firearm holder and the young lady agreed to meet up in person and on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, sometime after 6 p.m.
The now deceased picked up the lady in the vicinity of Tryall Heights and travelled to a bar to have a drink at the bar.  The now deceased purchased a Dragon Stout SpitFire for himself and a Light Beer for the lady.  After reaching about half way into their drinking, the now deceased man and the lady left the bar and went to a room on the said premises where they had sexual intercourse.  It is further reported that the now deceased after having sex with the lady went to the bathroom immediately afterward.  The lady further stated that a loud stumbling was heard and she went to look at what had happened.  The now deceased was seen lying on his back in the bath tub.
The police were summoned and the now deceased was seen lying naked on his back in a bath tub in the bathroom.  The firearm a Glock 9mm pistol and fourteen (14) 9mm cartridges were secured by the first responding officers.  The scene and body were processed by two Det. From the St. Catherine Scenes of Crime.   A statement was recorded from the young lady and the house of the deceased visited along with his wife,  a teacher of the said address where an additional Glock magazine was retrieved.

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