Jennifer Messado files for Bankruptcy

Jennifer Messado, the disgraced Attorney who was disbarred, has filed for bankruptcy.

Messado reportedly defrauded Dancehall star David ‘Mavado’ Brooks of $30. 7 million.

This in relation to a property she was selling on behalf of the property owner, who she claims has been incarcerated overseas.

However, it was revealed that the property owner had never been incarcerated and had not given her permission for his Grosvenor Terrace, Kingston 8 home, which was not even on the market, to be sold.

Messado was sued by Brooks after she refunded $8 million from the sum and failed to pay over the rest of thee deejay’s money.

The entertainer later obtained a judgment in his favour in which Messado was ordered by the court to repay the sum.

However, the matter was pushed to July 22, due to the fact that she had no affidavit prepared for Brooks’ Lawyer to respond to.

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