Jealous Lover Hangs Himself in Hanover, After Being Thrown Out By His Girlfriend

Latest Jamaica News, Hanover *(McKoy’s News): Jealous Lover Hangs Himself in Hanover A Hanover man took his own life by hanging himself at his family house in Jericho district, Hanover, days after he was thrown out of his girlfriend’s house in Lucea, for his constant Jealous behavior.

He has been identified as 32-year-old Ennis Malcolm, otherwise called “Negus or Pang” an electrician also of Jericho district.

Reports by the Lucea Police are that Malcolm has been living at a section of Lucea known as Malcolm Heights, for some time, but the woman recently got fed up with his constant jealous behavior and ordered him to leave her house.

Recently he returned back home to his mother’s house in Jericho and about 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, some of his relatives went to check on him, after they did not see him for several hours.

They went to investigate and found him hanging inside a room at his mother’s house, with a sheet tied around his neck. The sheet was suspended from the sill in the room of the house.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, Malcolm’s body was later removed to the morgue for a post-mortem examination.

Mckoy’s News also learnt that the dead man has been constantly attacking his girlfriend’s baby father, whenever he comes to her house to visit his child.

It is also reported that his girlfriend had informed him that she and her baby father had moved on with their lives from long ago, but Malcolm still continued the pester the baby-father. He also reportedly smashed the baby-father’s motor vehicle window, and the police arrested and charged him.

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