Jealous Ex-Lover Charged with Double Murder in Trelawny

Latest Jamaica News, Trelawny (McKoy’s News): Jealous Ex-Lover Charged with Double Murder The Trelawny police say they have now charged a man who reportedly chopped his own nephew and his ex-girlfriend to death, after he discovered that they were having relationship several weeks ago.

Facing charges of double murder is 39-year-old Garfield Edwards, farmer of Freeman’s Hall in Trelawny. He was charged on Tuesday, November 5, with the double murder of his nephew 28-year-old Courtney Daley, and his ex-girlfriend 50-year-old Sophia Bryan.

Reports by the police are that Edwards and Daley shared a common-law relationship for some time, but broke up in later September.

During the second week of October, Edwards reportedly learnt that the female had a new man, and that man turned out to be his own nephew Courtney Daley.

Edwards became very angry when he learned that his own nephew was now sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, and allegedly told persons in the area that he was going to kill them.

On the night of October 11 to the Morning of October 12, Edwards armed himself with a machete and went to the home of his ex-girlfriend where he saw his nephew naked in bed with the female.

Edwards allegedly used the machete to inflict multiple chop wounds on his nephew and the woman, before fleeing the premises.

Residents in the community stumbled upon the bodies early that morning and summoned the police. upon the arrival of the lawmen, Daley was seen completely naked with multiple chop wounds over his body and Bryan who was partially naked, found with multiple chop wounds.

Following an investigation, Edwards was taken into custody and criminal charges laid against him on Tuesday. He is scheduled to appear in court early next week.

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