JDF soldier injured after crashing into sea

A Jamaica Defence Force soldier is now nursing injuries after the service vehicle in which he was driving, ran off the Jimmy Cliff Boulevard in Montego Bay and plunged into the sea.

The incident occurred this afternoon in the vicinity of the Margaritaville Building.

Footage captured on a closed-circuit camera showed the service vehicle slowly driving behind another motor vehicle, before the soldier collided in the back of the car then suddenly swerved to the left of the road. The JDF vehicle could be seen heading towards the sea then moments later, the soldier sprung from the moving vehicle unto the rocky sea bank, landing on his hands then slowly turned on his side, with one of his hands flung in the air seemingly, in agony. The unstoppable vehicle was then plunged into the water.

Reports are that the injured soldier was rushed to the hospital where he is now receiving treatment.

Eye-witnesses who were quick on the scene alleged that the JDF driver seemed to have fallen asleep while driving.

Nutten more than di dawg drop asleep breddah,” one main exclaimed.

The driver of the motor vehicle in which the collision occurred said she was unaware of what was taking place until she looked in her rear view mirrors after being hit.

Mi nuh have a clue, then when mi look inna di rear view, when mi feel di lick, mi look mi see di larry [soldier vehicle] a go over dehso,” she explained while sitting on the sidewalk while pointing towards her damaged vehicle.

Mckoy’s News will provide more details as they become available.


Mckoy’s News Senior Writer- Natasha Williams



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