JDF Lieutenant Arrested on Suspicion of Wife’s Murder

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: A Jamaica Defence Force Lieutenant is in police custody following the stabbing death of his wife,  34-year-old Nodraka Williams-Burnett, an Attorney-at-law,  at their home in West Kirkland Heights, Kingston 19, on Tuesday morning, December 13.

Reports from the Red Hills police are that about 5:00 a.m., residents living in Red Hills, heard a commotion coming from the directions of the Burnett’s home and summoned the police.

Upon the arrival of the lawmen, Mrs. William-Burnett was discovered lying in the room of the house in a pool of blood, with multiple stab wounds.

Her husband was seen sitting calmly inside the room covered in blood. A knife which the police say is believed to be the murder weapon was also removed from the room.

One officer told our news team that the Lieutenant who is believed to have been suffering from mental illnesses was taken into custody.

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  • I see no reasons for anyone to be taken, another person life, that they cannot give. These murderers must be hang. The country and the world don’t need people like those

  • I’m appalled that we are crying for more blood…..All life is precious! Hanging? Are we living in the Medieval era? Also, why don’t also go ahead and stone all murderers to death?

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