JDF Gives Feedback on Image of Sword Circulating on Social Media

Jamaica News: Mckoy’s News has learnt that the Jamaica Defence Force, is now giving their feedback on an image which is making its rounds on social media, where two JDF soldiers are seen with what appears to be, an alleged Baphomet sword, which is alleged to have been excavated from the JDF Headquarters.

Our news team also learnt that, Major Basil Jarrett, Civil-Military Cooperative Officer at the Jamaica Defence Force, has indicated that, the sword seen in the photo was intercepted by customs officials and seized several years ago.

According to Major Jarrett, it is the norm for some items seized by the Customs Department to be kept at the JDF Headquarters for storage.

This sword was being kept in storage at the headquarters, and nothing more. The army was carrying out its regular inspection and the sword was removed from one of the containers.

The Jamaica Defence Force is in no way associated with witchcraft. Baphomet is associated with the worship of Satan and the Jamaica Defence Force is not associated with Satan.”

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