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JDF Corporal Apprehend Gunman and Seized Illegal Firearm

A JDF Corporal has become the main focus of the military and the security force, after he single handedly apprehended a gunman, and seized an Illegal firearm and several rounds of ammunition along Darby Terrace in Sandy Bay, Clarendon on Thursday.

Reports by the May Pen police are that about 8:30pm, the police received a report that a man was seen with an Illegal firearm in Darby Terrace.

On arrival at the scene they came upon a large crowd, and was approached by the off duty JDF Corporal who identified himself.

He informed the police officers that he too learnt about the man with the Illegal firearm and confronted him, and later managed to disarm him.

The JDF Corporal handed over the suspect, along with a a Smith and Wesson 9mm semi automatic pistol, fitted with a magazine containing ten live rounds to the officers.

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