Jdart stuns with new single

Recording artiste Jdart brings a fresh sound with his latest single, “Time Out.” Officially released on September 18, 2020, the track was produced by Jamaica/Toronto based label Tripledose Records and is featured on the Bruk Stone Riddim.

“It is a song about just having fun with the ladies. I choose to sing about what is relevant in the culture and you can never go wrong with a song about girls,” the artiste explained.

Since its release, the high energy track has been getting well-deserved praise both on and offline, further cementing Jdart’s name in the music business. The accompanying music video, which was shot in Japan, has already been raking in the views and massive support on the artiste’s Youtube page.

Currently based in Aichi-ken in Nagoya Japan, Jdart’s unquestionable style of music and energy is really what sets him apart as an artiste. He adds a unique element to his songs, with his ability to incorporate a language other than English into his sound.

“My music is always fun filled; the vibes and energy have to be there. It also doesn’t hurt that I am able to speak Japanese and so I am able to connect with a huge audience over here,” he told McKoy’s news.
Though fairly new to the scene, the artiste is already making an impact and cementing his place in the music landscape. Released in 2019 his debut single “Get High” was produced by Japan-based producer Zen Masuta and was his first step to really getting his name on the map. At the moment, he is putting all of his focus into production for his forthcoming first album, with an aim to increase his domestic and international reach musically.

“Jamaica will always be home to me so even though I’m over here (in Japan), I have to make sure my music reflects that while portraying relevant topics that my listeners can relate to and vibe to,” he added.
Distributed by Hapilos, “Time Out“is available for streaming and purchase on major digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify,Amazon,Soundcloud and Apple Music.

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