JDAP To Be Piloted In Three Municipal Corporations

Jamaica News: Principal Director, Modernisation Programme Implementation, Office of the Cabinet, Wayne Robertson, says the Jamaica Development Applications Portal (JDAP), once implemented, will bring greater efficiency, transparency and accountability to the development applications review process.

“On November 1, we intend to pilot the Jamaica Development Applications Portal. With this system, we will see more efficiency in delivering service to our clients – in this case, a development or construction permit. We are starting with Kingston and St. Andrew, St. James and St. Ann (municipal corporations),” Mr. Robertson said, at a recent JIS ‘Think Tank’.

He explained that the municipal corporations will undergo a migration from the current application management and data automation (AMANDA) 6 to the AMANDA 7, which supports JDAP.

Through the portal, developers will no longer need to submit physical applications to municipal corporations or the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). Applications can be submitted from anywhere in the world once there is access to a computer and the Internet.

JDAP will allow applicants to track their applications through the various commenting agencies allowing for transparency.

“It opens up the whole thing now where we can actually see it online. It now shows up an entity, or if an officer is not processing quickly enough, it sends a red flag. If we are seeing these glitches on the system, we are going to be calling the entity and we’re going to be calling the officer,” Mr. Roberston said.

It is intended that this feature will also aid in the reduction of turnaround time. Its transparency will highlight each entity’s adherence to the mandatory 90-day response period for all applications.

“We’re going to be holding entities accountable through a robust performance management system. We are developing the employee performance management system to support the accountability side of things,” Mr. Robertson said.

The system will allow for the tracking and monitoring of performance on JDAP. Officers in the various municipal corporations who will interface with JDAP have undergone training ahead of the pilot.

The lessons and challenges associated with the implementation of JDAP in the three municipal corporations will be taken into consideration when the system is being extended to the remaining local authorities.


Source: JIS News

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