JCCF 75th Anniversary Celebration March through Half Way Tree July 27, at 2pm

The objectives of the JCCF  which were drafted by the founder, Colonel Michael R. DeCordova are:

  1. To give mental, moral and physical training to youth and so form the character of each as to enable him to make a good start in life.
  2. To instill in him the idea of service to his fellows, his school, his firm and his country
  3. To fit him in the event of a National Emergency to take his place, if he so desires, in the defense of his home and country.
  4. To make the service career if he so desires.
  5. To provide technical training in Medical, Signal, Engineering and other subjects as in the various branches of the service
  6. To qualify Cadets for Commissions in the National Reserve should they so volunteer.

The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force is divided into a Headquarters and Fourteen Battalions across the Island; as a result, the Force is represented in the fourteen parishes of Jamaica by any one or more Battalions. Consequently, each Battalion had to be identified; therefore a unique colour was attached to each Battalion symbolizing their identity.

When you first begin as cadets you will do your Basic Training. This training gives you an insight into many of the subjects you will cover as a cadet and gives you the foundations for the rest of your training. You will have a practical test on the skills you have developed. As a recruit, you will cover the following

JCCF 75th Anniversary Celebration March through Half Way Tree July 27, at 2pm
JCCF 75th Anniversary Celebration March through Half Way Tree July 27, at 2pm


subjects: Drill, Turn out and Military Knowledge

  • Ranks, Badges of ranks and Appointments
  • Adventure Training

For the duration of their training, Cadets follow a syllabus based on the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC). There are five levels to the APC; One, Two, Three and Four Star level, and Master Cadet each containing the same subjects but with increasing levels of complexity.

  • Drill, Turn out and Military Knowledge
  • Skill at Arms and Shooting
  • Use of Maps and Compasses
  • Field Craft
  • First Aid
  • Adventure Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Citizenship Training- The Cadet and the Community

 Drill, Turn out and Military Knowledge

Through Foot, Drill Cadets are taught the importance of obedience and discipline as well as learning how to work together as a team. Whether it be on the parade square or moving around the barracks, it’s important to be able to move large numbers of people from point to point whilst making sure they look smart. Through Military Knowledge, Cadets learn about the structure of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force.

  • Skill at Arms and Shooting:

Cadets learn to be disciplined and safe when handling weapons and no firing of weapons is permitted until Cadets have demonstrated these skills. Once a Cadet has demonstrated his or her ability to control a weapon safely and with discipline, they are given the opportunity to practice their skills on a range.

  • Use of Maps and Compasses

Cadets learn to navigate safely from point to point using a map and a compass. This is often taught from a military perspective with the Cadets having the opportunity to practice their skills in orienteering exercises

  • Fieldcraft

Fieldcraft is a term used to describe the basic military skills required to operate stealthily at day or night regardless of weather or terrain. The motto of field craft is “to see without being seen”; this is upheld through the skills learned in field craft lessons.

Cadets learn how to look after themselves when away from the comforts of home as well as the basics of military tactics. Fieldcraft gives Cadets the opportunity to practice their leadership and teamwork.

  • Adventure Training

Adventure Training allows cadets to practice camp craft whilst at the same time developing stamina, discipline, initiative and self-reliance by means of an expedition involving a minimum of 15 miles on foot and one night.

  • Leadership Training:

The art of leadership, followed closely by the skills of management, is perhaps the most valuable aspects of the experience as a cadet, and the most relevant to adult life. The opportunity to command, manage, and lead other people in the number of a section, a platoon, or a company, prepare the cadet for positions of responsibility in future careers.

In speaking with McKoy News, ASP Coleridge Minto who also serves on the Jamaica Cadet Committee advised that through the leadership of the Commandant Colonel the Honourable  Errol Johnson, there is plan being rolled out for expansion, however, said that HQ JCCF will speak more on this. These initiatives are being strongly supported by the Ministry of National Security as well as the Jamaica Defense Force.

Jamaica Combined Cadet Force JCCF is celebrating their 75th anniversary and is now currently hosting an international camp which is at the Excelsior High School. Approximately 600 cadets are at that location.

As part of the celebrations as well as to bring awareness to Jamaica, 300 cadets will on Saturday, July 27, 2019, at 2 pm march from Waterloo Road to Half Way Tree where they will also be doing displays in the square. The Band and Corps of Drum will be leading the parade.

JCCF was established through an Act of Parliament and it no doubt is a youth programme which is intended to help school-age children in becoming model citizens. It serves as an anti-crime initiative as it relates to the prevention and as such, JCCF is now expanding the offerings as well as expanding the number of cadet units island-wide to facilitate thousands of students.

The JCCF is a volunteer organization, we certainly encourage professionals to volunteer and serve as Cadet Officers to support this national programme. Currently, the organization has, doctors, pilots, nurses, lawyers, teachers, principals, permanent secretary, education officers, senior officials of both government and private sector and so the appeal is being made as we augment and expand the offerings of the JCCF, we welcome others to this noble organization.

The public is also invited to participate in the JCCF Open Day which will be held on Sunday, July 28, 2019, between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.


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