Crime: 1-Y-O Battles For Life As Father Shot Dead In Kingston

Javi Shot and Killed by Wolfy

Javi whose real name is Roger Clarke was shot by his friend known as Wolfy. Javi died from multiple gunshots wounds at the University of the West Indies hospital on Thursday, November 13, 2021. 

 It has been reported that Wolfy accused Javi of selling a fake firearm to him which he denied doing. He said he only sells legitimate firearms and this rumor was tarnishing his reputation.

Ironically Javi was notified by someone that he was being labeled as a ‘gun thief’ which he did not like. As a result, he rode to Papine Square where it’s claimed that the person who called his name was located at the time.

Javi found the person who started the rumor and confronted him. It is understood that Javi spoke with the individual and later hit him in the face, as he didn’t appreciate this rumor being spread about him.

The individual then spoke the Wolfy about the matter at Tavern,  located in St. Andrew. It is understood that upon receiving this information Wolfy went to Papine and shot Javi in the chest multiple times which he later succumbed to.


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