Jamaica’s Worst Fear Happening Now – Corona Visits A Call Center

From the inception of the deadly COVID-19 in Jamaica, individuals have been considering the dangerous impacts it would have if it should reach any of the BPO’s popularly called Call Centers.

These considerations are now being materialized to reality where over 50 cases have been confirmed linking to the Alorica BPO in Portmore, St. Catherine since yesterday.

This has led to a lockdown of the parish of St. Catherine which has further impacted businesses in the neighboring parish of Kingston & St. Andrew.  This is as a result of the majority of some workforces residing in the parish of St. Catherine.  National Commercial Bank’s Halfway Tree, Crossroads and Washington Boulevard branches in Kingston were reported closed due to this fact.

Shortly after the Prime Minister’s declaration of the lockdown last evening, persons could be seen ‘fleeing’ St. Catherine especially Portmore to the neighboring parish of Kingston.  The toll road from Portmore to Kingston saw a huge backup of traffic.  There was also a ‘mad dash’ to supermarkets and other food stores which resulted in cramped spaces and massive traffic in different sections of the parish.

With the rules of the lockdown resembling that of a ‘shift system’, the essential supply facilities were overpacked this morning; some resulting in chaos and confusion.

Some individuals have regarded this time as the ‘real deal’, citing that from the virus hits a call center, it is bound to be devastating.









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