Jamaica’s Top Gunners Shine at Spectrum Handgun Championship

Jamaica’s top gunners came out on top of its Caribbean rivals in last Saturday’s Spectrum Handgun Championship in all four divisions that they competed. Ryan Bramwell topped the Open Division, Andrew Yap took the Standard Division, Chris Hart won the Production Optics Division and Yeonie Campbell captured the Production Division.

Bramwell put on a master class display of speed and accuracy to earn 1059.57 points after sending down 215 rounds in a 130.70 seconds over the twelve-stage course at the JRA’s head office on Mountain Avenue. Second place Alrice Pamer got 949.3 points in 149.48 seconds while Lennie Moulton bagged 879.76 points in 147.33 seconds.

“It was a great day. I shot very well. I was very fast and aggressive today (Saturday) and I had very good hits so overall I came out the winner. Its a great feeling. Having putting in the work and gotten the results, its fantastic and we go back to the drawing board and keep training” said Bramwell.

He also said “I have been analyzing my shooting and I keep improving. I keep going back the drawing board, analyzing and getting better. I think during last year while I was very accurate the guys may have been a little ahead of me on time so what I have done over the past few months, I have started working a lot on the physical aspect and I have gotten much faster so there is more of me to handle now.”

Yeonie Campbell copped the Production Division and topped the Ladies Category. In the Production Division she got the better of Anthony Johnson in a nail biter with just one point separating them while Rohan Wallace was third. In the Ladies Category she was comfortably ahead of second place Florence Golding and third place Philana Brown.

“My performance today was ok. I think that the stages were very challenging today as well as they allow you to express yourself so I was pleased with my performance.” said Campbell.

She lauded the ladies, “the ladies did very well today, exceptionally well today. I am very proud of them. I think that we all competed admirably today and the results showed it.”

There was stiff competition in the Standard Division which went to Master Class shooter Andrew Yap who bagged more than one hundred points ahead of Darin Richards and Lennie Moulton who came second and third respectively.

The Production Optics Division went to Chris Hart ahead of Adrian Randle and Michael Bradshaw who took third place.

One overseas based shooter got on the podium with Richard Durrant of Barbados getting second place in the Senior Category of the Standard Division behind Ellsworth Dixon while Thomas Jones was third.

Richards commended the Jamaican shooters, “the quality of shooting here is really high. I had some hope of placing on the podium, placing first, second or third. The last time I was in Jamaica was in 2018 and since that time the standard has really, really sky rocketed. Andy Yap ad Greg Henry – I shot against them before but today it was a different level. I have to go back to the lab now so I have to recalculate my shooting. The experience was really good. I would come again.”

Major John Nelson, president of JRA was pleased. “It has been an amazing day. Its a Level 3which is in fact the highest match we have had now for about four years. It is such a highly respected match that we had international shooters from the Cayman Islands, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. It was attractive enough for them to be here. We had the highest turn out of our local shooters including our shooters from Trelawny and Negril that came and from May Pen who came in to compete in this particular shoot. Spectrum Systems in fact have outdone themselves and as Mr. Stanigar said to me at the end of the presentations, you are not getting rid of us we are here to stay with you and support you.”

Sixty-six competitors inclusive of seven shooters from the Caribbean and eight ladies delivered excellent results while battling the elements.

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