Jamaica's Murder Rate Soar

Jamaica’s Murder Rate Soar Past 1,500 – St. James Lead in the Killings

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –Jamaica’s Murder Rate Soar: It is just 23 days before the world celebrates the start of 2018 and Jamaica’s murder rate continue to climb to an alarming tally of over 1,500 murders accounted as of December 06, 2016.

According to national statistics, the increase in murders is an approximate 23 percent. With majority of the killings taking place in St. James, Jamaica

Parish Range of Murders

  • St James has the highest number of murders, with over 300 killings
  • Clarendon has the second highest number of murders
  • St Andrew South Police Division next
  • followed by Westmoreland
  • St Catherine North and
  • St Catherine South

There were 1,250 murders in Jamaica for the entire 2016.

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