Jamaicans to start coming home

One hundred and fifteen Jamaicans who have been stranded overseas and who are facing dire circumstances are being brought home this week Wednesday, May 6.

The Jamaicans include 75 crew members and 40 stranded in the United Kingdom because of  COVID-19

The Jamaican Government will bear the full costs for state quarantine for these 115 Jamaicans who are being brought home this week.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kamina Johnson Smith gave the details at a media briefing Monday evening.

She said the Jamaican Government has been working hard to bring home Jamaicans who have been stranded overseas and who have been making requests to get home.

Mrs. Johnson Smith said all Jamaicans coming home during this period when the borders are closed will be required to go into state quarantine. She said the negotiated cost of this is US$100 per day per person based on accommodation and three meals per day.

She said Jamaicans had been communicated with to contribute US$20 a day or make family arrangements for meals.

However, she said for those coming in this week, the Government will pick up the full costs of the quarantine. This she said will have a cost of J$64 million.


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