Jamaicans Loving Flatbread Pizza with Traditional Jamaican Toppings 

With Jamaican cuisine becoming more popular internationally over recent years, there was bound to be a time when a mix of local and international dishes took pride of place right here in Jamaica.

In the music industry they call it collaboration, or remix; in this case let’s just call it Island Flats.

You see, Island Flats serves the most delicious ackee and saltfish and other favourite Jamaica dishes on traditional Italian style flatbread pizza.

You don’t have to imagine anymore! It’s now a reality!

Traditionally prepared Jamaican style ackee and saltfish, callaloo and saltfish, jerk chicken, curry chicken, jerk pork, bbq pork, curry shrimp, curry lobster, and pak choy, are all available on flatbread pizza at Island Flats.

Pizza has never tasted so good!

The brainchild of CEO Ray Lee, Island Flats has been steadily feeding folks in Ocho Rios, and the lucky few outside of the town who have already discovered the quick service restaurant, located at Island Village shopping centre in the resort town.

Lee took his now three decades of hospitality industry experience to work and came up with a concept that has more or less reinvented pizza.

“We feel the combination of flatbread pizza and favourite Jamaican dishes is a winner,” Lee points out.

“Pizza operations have been very successful in Jamaica but we wanted to really put our Jamaican spin on it, hence we came out with Island Flats.

“If you notice the growth of fast food restaurants in Jamaica has been exponential. With that happening, and the fact that pizza is one of the most popular food items in the world, the fact that we in Jamaica have loved pizza from day one, and even though we’re in a pandemic, people are still looking for food options.

“So we felt it was perfect timing, a perfect opportunity, at Island Village because it’s on the pier so it’s a great opportunity for locals as well as visitors to Jamaica. We are just excited to bring this product to Jamaicans and of course to the world.”

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