Jamaicans demand that New House Speaker Marissa Dalrymple-Philibert dump Parliament wig

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Jamaica News: Many Jamaicans have taken to social media to demand that the newly minted Speaker of the House of Representatives, Marissa Dalyrmple-Philibert, unlike her predecessor Pearnel Charles, does not wear the antiquated blond Speaker of the House wig, when Parliament resumes next week.

Others say they are hoping she does not fall asleep, or allow herself to be bossed around by Members of Parliament Everald Warmington, who they say, is known to be boisterous.

No sooner after Prime Minister Andrew Holness posted a congratulatory message on his social media pages, than his followers began demanding that she throw away the wig, and not subject herself to mockery, like the former speaker who wore the wig throughout his tenure.

They also took to some media houses’ social media pages to insist that the attorney, who is Member of Parliament for Trelawny South, does not wear the wig.

“Go Mrs. Dalrymple make us proud take control command respect don’t wear that ugly looking wig and most important never fall asleep,” carrolmclean7 stated, while iamfoxy79 declared: “Throw the old white wigs away!”

Others remained adamant that the wig, represents one of the last vestiges of British colonialism, and has no place in present-day Jamaica.

“I pray to God she don’t wear that stupid ass wig….Full time now Jamaica start to totally free its self from the British!!” rrichrod wrote.

During his stint as speaker, Pearnel Charles had worn his wig and robe to sittings of the house, despite criticisms and daily jeerings from Jamaicans across the globe, who said they could not fathom how he, black man was sporting a caucasian wig.   But hopefully, unlike Charles, another follower the_cute_glasses_girl, said, it was her fervent hope that Dalrymple-Phillibert sends the wig to the garbage dump.

“I hope she throws out that nasty ass white wig and rock her hair. #notobritishtradition,” she declared in defiance.


While others gave her thumbs up declaring that her choice as Speaker was an excellent one, as she is a very “firm individual, knowledgeable of the law”, some of the commenters poked fun at the Opposition Peoples National Party (PNP), claiming that with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) having a substantial majority (48 of the 63 seats in the house), Dalryple-Philibert would have an easy task as there will be few people voicing objection to matters.

“Shi shudnt av too much problem.. shi shud b like ” orderr! Shut up wid u likkle bit a seat,” Rèál Yûtez Tyty quipped.

Others expressed concern about the poor behaviour exhibited by her male Parliamentary  colleagues.

“I hope she don’t let these disrespectful man them bully her, stand tall lady,” Maureen Cunningham said, while oshaney_shane added: “Can she manage thou… these politicians nuh normally have any respect for the Speaker.”

There were also jokes poked at the new Speaker.  One from Jacqueline Lindo resulted in a firestorm of comments after she wrote: “Is this the lady who roasted the cow?   I am expecting her to take control of the house as a good woman would,” referencing the MP’s tradition of roasting a cow for her supporters, during election periods.

“At least she won’t be asleep on the job like Pernel,” another woman, Lorna Mclymont teased.

Dalyrmple-Philibert is the second woman to serve as House Speaker.   The first was Violet Nielsen, who served from 1997 – 2003.

This is the second Dalrymple-Philibert, will be holding serving as speaker, having first served from July 2011 to December 2011.    As Speaker she will be responsible for upholding the rules (Standing Orders) of the House, as well as ensuring that the rights of all 63 MPs are protected.

After being sworn in Tuesday for a fourth consecutive term as the MP for Trelawny Southern, she told the media that said she accepts the position as  a vote of confidence from the Prime Minister.   She also said she feels ‘no pressure’ to ensure that the Opposition’s voice is not lost.

“It has happened before and as a country and as a people we have managed the discourses in Parliament,” she had said, before adding: “I don’t see it as a pressure and I intend to give each person the opportunity to state their views and their points as it relates to the governance of this country.”

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