Jamaicans Call for More Police Dogs in Gun Detection and Crime Fighting

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News):  Jamaicans Call for More Police Dogs Even as the Canine Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) celebrates its 65th Anniversary, more Jamaicans are calling on the police high command to acquire more four-legged cops to help in crime-fighting across the entire island.

A total of 44 Police Dogs make up the Canine Division, which is based at Harman Barracks in the Kingston Eastern Police Division, adjacent to the Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) military base at Up Park Camp.

Jamaicans Call for More Police Dogs

The dogs specialize in apprehension, firearms and explosives detection, detection of narcotics, as well as, search and rescue of missing persons.

The Canine Division also owns a pack of Cadaver dogs, which are human remains-detection dogs, which have been trained to smell death, meaning they are able to smell decomposition and can locate body parts, tissue, blood, and bone.

Jamaicans Call for More Police Dogs

While these specialist dogs are highly trained specifically to assist police and other law enforcement officers in their work, Jamaican nationals like Rodney Kerr, have often questioned why they are not visible in rural areas and crime hotspots including parishes where States of Public Emergency are underway.

Jamaicans Call for More Police Dogs

Listen me now.  This is to show us what we have and it’s a good thing.  Why we don’t get more? I hate when you guys do this.   I have been so many traffic stops and I never see one dog,” he posted on the JCF’s Facebook page where the social media managers have been uploading photos and videos of police dogs in action.

Why don’t they used some of these dogs to find the guns?” Yonne Reid demanded to know.

The Canine Division was established in 1954.  The division is currently led by Superintendent of Police Michael Morris, and currently has 61 other ranks of officers.

Jamaicans Call for More Police Dogs

The 65th Anniversary celebration of the Canine Division which is currently underway today, at Harman Barracks is being held in the form of an Open Day, under the theme ‘Unleashing a Safer Jamaica‘.   The event includes a tour of the facilities, displays and a gospel concert at 4 p.m., featuring the JCF Band, the JCF Choir and special guest artistes.  Visitors also get the opportunity to meet the dogs and the team who are instrumental in their training, as well as, to view historical displays.

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