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Jamaicans Angry at Kanye West

Kanye West

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News): Rapper Kanye West who is now a converted Christian recently held his free Church Service in Jamaica which saw a massive turn out from Jamaicans from all over the country. The Minister of Youth and Culture, The Hon Olivia Babsie Grange made it clear that Jamaica did not assist in covering any expenses incurred but rather, gained from Kanye being in Jamaica. His estimated expenditure is over one million United States Dollars spent on chartered flight, equipment rental, hotel rooms, local staff employed etc.

However, Jamaicans online are upset due to the fact that merchandise with Jamaican emblem, flag, and other symbolic images were being sold at the concert and also on the rapper’s website for as much as two hundred United states dollars without the consent of the Jamaican Government. If you look at Kanye West website, you will find items like “Jesus Is King Jamaica Hat” for $40, and “Jesus is King Jamaica Seal” T-shirt with a Jamaica flag emblem for $200.


Errol Wright – Staff Writer

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