Jamaican Woman Awakens from 2-day Coma with British Accent

Deana-Rae Clayton had no idea how her life was about to change when she decided to celebrate with her friends on the last day of her birthday month. On June 29, 2019, Deana-Rae Clayton and three of her friends decided to celebrate her 33rd birthday, however, tragedy struck at about 2 a.m. on June 30, 2019, when the vehicle that she and her friends were travelling in, was involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a vehicle headed towards them from the opposite direction. Only three of the four friends survived the horrible misfortune and Miss Clayton was left in a coma where she did not awaken until July 2, 2019.

Upon her return to the world of the living, Miss Clayton suffered the following injuries:

  1. Broken right hip
  2. Broken left femur
  3. Broken right pelvis
  4. Fractured facial bones
  5. Fractured spine in 3 places
  6. Fractured right rib
  7. Lacerated right eye lid
  8. Brain damage

She was also left immobile (temporarily) and woke up initially with an American accent which changed to Trinidadian then later changed to a British accent and it has been this way ever since her accident. Going through this level of trauma was nothing the young Jamaican could ever imagine could happen to her and she shared with us that during her time in the hospital she battled with a lot of sadness, depression and feeling of loneliness that led her many times to thoughts of suicide but she never made any attempts because with each horrid thought, a calm still voice kept reminding her it was not her time.

During her time at the hospital, she underwent a total of 3 corrective surgeries. One on her left femur and two on her right hip and pelvis. These corrective surgeries consisted of placing metal bar, pins and chain to help support the broken bones and aid her in physical therapy to being mobile again.

In early February 2020, it was discovered that her left femur was not healing and so she had to do a bone grafting surgery on the anniversary of her accident on June 30, 2020. This would have been the 2nd surgery on the left femur in which her doctors hoped would assist the healing of the femur but later realized in December 2020 that the grafting was rejected by the femur.

To date, Deana-Rae has completed 4 surgeries, is 80% mobile (assisted), still has a broken femur, is blind in the right eye, has a hairline fracture in her left jawbone, living with brain damage which has caused her to be diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome which is the reason she speaks with a British accent even though she has never visited England and has little to no ties there. Despite being a walking miracle, Deana-Rae now has 5 additional surgeries to complete, to continue to assist her in her recovery journey.

  1. A 3rd surgery on the left femur. There are 3 pins that hold the metal bar in place, and so 2 of the 3 pins will be removed to see if putting weight on the leg will assist the bones in coming together.
  2. Dental Surgery; There is a hairline fracture in her jawline and because of its presence, the acid from her stomach seeps through and damages her gums and teeth, and causes bad breath. Corrective surgery is needed to have the fracture sealed.
  3. Dental surgery; Because of the effects from the stomach acid, she will have to remove, so far, (as this number can increase over time) at least 4 teeth because they are badly damaged, and get dental implants as replacements.
  4. Eyelid Reconstruction; When her accident happened, she was told that her eyeball fell out and, in an effort, to save it they pushed it back in and stitched whatever skin that was left after the laceration. The eye was not saved as she is blind in the right eye but the eyelid can be corrected and requires reconstructive surgery.
  5. Full Hip Replacement. Even though there is a chain link in her right hip that holds the hip and pelvis in place, the hip is narrowing which has now caused arthritis but also means that she will need a full hip replacement.

Deana-Rae has now partnered with Real Helping Hands by setting up a campaign to assist her and her family in acquiring donations to help them with her outstanding surgeries. Real Helping Hands is a Caribbean based crowd-funding platform specifically focused on the Caribbean region. Real Helping Hands was set up to provide a platform for individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other organizations to facilitate their fundraising efforts.

Having met Deana-Rae Clayton, it is evident that she has a will to live and survive and believes that her purpose for being alive today is to help individuals that have been through different types of traumas and even similar traumas like her own, realize their purpose for still being alive, walk in that purpose, live in their new normal and continue to not just self-motivate and inspire but spread the positive energy with everyone they come in contact with.

She has started to build her platform on social media through her YouTube Channel, “British Bionic Babe” and on her Instagram @deanaraelclayton, where you can see where her captions on 90% of her posts, continue to motivate and inspire any reader.

Deana-Rae and us here at Mckoy News would be really appreciative for any donations to help her in her journey and sharing her story is also a means of support.

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