Teacher’s gun pulled on a male student at a prominent high school in Jamica

Trelawny, Jamaica (McN) – ‘Teacher’s gun’ is now the topic of serious concerns by many parents at a prominent high school, as a dispute between a teacher and a male student escalated, where the teacher allegedly pulled his gun.

Teacher’s gun allegedly pulled on a male student at a prominent high school in the western area of Jamaica.

William Knibb Memorial High, is a well advanced academia, located in Trelawny, that has brought big names like the world’s famous track superstar Hon. Dr. Usain Bolt.

He is allegedly a mathematics teacher, Mr. Abdalla, who has been with the school for several years.

Our newsroom cannot confirm what started the dispute, between the student and the teacher, as to why the teacher’s gun was allegedly pulled, but what we do know, is the teacher was immediately suspended after the incident.

No information was given if the Child Development Agency (CDA) was made aware of the incident, or the police while its still being investigated.

The name of the student have not been released or where on the compound the incident took place, but our news team understands he is an 11th grade senior, that had an alleged disagreement with the teacher, which resulted in him allegedly brandishing his license firearm on the student.

Chairman of the board, Reverend Everton Jackson, has deeply regretted that the incident escalated as it did and gave confirmed the immediate suspension of the teacher.

The chairman said the school is currently reviewing its policy on teachers having a license firearm on school premises.

Up to recent, we have discovered the teacher is currently back at his job, teaching mathematics at the institution.

William Knibb is known for alot of outstanding academic achievements, however, there are a few cultural practices, that are a national pastime of the school. One of which is a graduation in November, when every school graduates in June.

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SS the Showstopper

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