The Jamaican Succession Dilemma

The Jamaican Succession Dilemma

Socrates at Large – The Jamaican Succession Dilemma: Jamaica has a very peculiar liking for Charismatic centric leaders, surrounded by this fictional belief that being Charismatic equates to good leadership. This is the continued struggle of black political cultures that suggests social and political change is impossible in the absence of Charismatic leadership. This is where all our past political leaders make a remarkable study. Busta, Norman, Shearer, Michael, Eddie, PJ, Bruce and Andrew and Portia.

The reason a leader can be unbeatable in a political conference floor is entirely down to the fact that Charismatic leaders influence by charm rather than reason. Leaders capable of Charming their followers become addicted to their love, and their supporters, however, become addicted to their leader’s CHARISMA and Charm. Charisma disguises poor leadership, so they manage to get away with it. Leaders who handle the media poorly and are underexposed is at a disadvantage in politics, making Charismatic candidates look more competent than they are. The Jamaican people must find the hidden talent and avoid the Charismatic trap.

Many people pay attention to the Jamaican politician or political wannabes Charisma and pay little attention to the intellectual content of their politics or policies. We must be careful of leaders who can inspire with words and not in actions. Charismatic leadership alone cannot and will not liberate Jamaica from its economic and social misery, only transformation leadership can do that. We need the kind of Leadership that can empower us to liberate ourselves.

Self-examination is a crucial process for political organizations if they are to maintain a sense of relevancy and electability.  The absence of a succession policy in political parties can foster political unrest, internal conflicts, and divisive behaviour. It is unsustainable for any political organization to undermine and ignore the significance of limited political leadership.The habitual re-election of leaders in Jamaica over the last 54 years have created a culture of perpetual incumbency.

Despite the appearance of an electoral process to create a theoretical succession through party elections, the combination of being party’s leader and a broad pillar of political manoeuvring indicates the process is flawed and unbalanced.  We have to demonstrate political and democratic maturity despite the infancy of our democracy,  to discuss the contestability of the political elites at the top. The systematic challenge of political succession in our country stifles the flowing of visions and ideas from ambitious men and women, who wants to help shape the direction of Jamaica.

The philosophy and ideologies of political organization can only coexist in an environment where the structure that feeds the hunger for power at the centre is at a controllable level. If we refuse to create a pattern and attitude of succession to the leadership of a party and Prime Ministerial office in our country, from one generation to the other, the consequences will be the creation of an office or offices to die for…..

Charisma is like music you must sing the right songs to connect to the modern electorate. The PNP has a Charismatic problem in its leadership.  But all is not lost. Trying to get into the Studio to record a hit for the people are the following. Who among them will get in?

Lisa Hanna
Peter Bunting
Mikael Phillips
Dayton Campbell
Luther Buchanan
Kari Douglas
Daren Powell
Raymond Pryce

To name a few. Who among them will get the hit song? That man called time will tell.

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Contributed by: Socrates at Large

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