Jamaican Social Media Personality Ivany Shot Multiple Times

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston(McKoy’s News): Social Media Personality Ivany ShotIvany Wright, popular social media personality has been shot a number of times. One to her hand, hip and also in her leg on November 14, 2019.

The female entertainer aspirant currently has approximately 600 thousand followers on instagram and makes an impact on the social media scene by way of live interaction and appearances for promotions.

Ivany is said to have been at a Mega Mart Wholesale club, located at 29 Upper Waterloo Road in Kingston. The announcement of her location was made on a live session she was engaged in shortly before the attack.

In a video circulating on social media, Ivany can be seen being lifted from the ground and being placed in a police vehicle on location. In recent times, the entertainer aspirant has been in several rifts with a number of entertainers and media personalities, as she has hacked and stolen their pages.

Ivany prides herself in ripping of the rewards of the dedication and commitment of individuals who utilize their various social media platforms as means of income, connectivity with fan base and customers and overall livelihood.

The effect of the shots received by Ivany has not been reported as life threatening. Ivany is viewed as entertaining to sectors of the society whilst a nuisance to others.

The video footage also captured the voice of individuals laughing and making light of the matter. Several warnings about hacking incidents have been issued to her over social media. It is not known if her habitual hacking of social media platforms contributed to her being shot.


By Karleyer Edwards


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