Jamaican Sex Toy Store Owner says He Made Deliveries to Church

Jamaican Sex Toy StoreJamaican Sex Toy Store, Adult Toys and Entertainment Ja, Linden Davis


JAMAICAN NEWS, FEBRUARY 18, 2018 – Jamaican Sex Toy Store owner

Linden Davis said he was not keen on the 9-5 hustle of a regular job because he was always passionate about being his own boss. So he took on his “calling” and has not looked back since he quit his bank teller job for the booming sex toy business.

While working as a bank teller Davis started selling cell phones, but there was too many competition in that niche, so he thought about another electronic business – sex toys – fit for a sex-driven Island!

But he needed his mother’s blessings before he moved forward.

He was nicely surprised when she called one day and revealed that she had purchased his start in the business – she told him she had ordered some sex toys, and gave him her blessing to see what he “could do” [with them].

Just two days later, Davis says, and his stock of over 30 sex toys was sold out! And that was his answer that he was on to something big. He traded his earning for more adult sex toys and began his novelty store business.

Mckoy’s News caught up with his assortment online (mostly for adult eyes only) @a.t.e.jacan online  (Adult Toys and Entertainment Ja) yesterday, which was free delivery in Kingston day!

Jamaican Sex Toy Store, Adult Toys and Entertainment Ja

Adult Toys and Entertainment Ja – Jamaican Sex Toy Store Owner

Jamaican Sex Toy Store Owner, Davis says persons purchasing his novelties come from all demographic borders, uptown and downtown, town and country, from street persons to people in the government Parliament. Even persons at Church – where his business has made deliveries.

Linden Davis is a businessman on a mission!