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VOX POP: Jamaican Public Rates Prime Minister One Year Later

Jamaican Public Rates Prime Minister Holness One Year Later

One year after leading his Jamaica Labour Party to a one-seat victory in the general elections over the People’s National Party, Jamaican public rates Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Jason Brown, 29

Rating: 6/10

Economically, I’ve seen improvement since Andrew. I’m a freelance contractor, and in terms of jobs, I’ve never got so many in the space of a year. However, I don’t think they’re doing so well in areas like health and agriculture and especially crime.

Mario Walker, 29

Rating: 7/10

I think Andrew is doing a good job. The economy seems to be stabilised. It is just the security and crime that are a problem. We need to look back on the court system. We need to start holding people accountable for crimes, quicker trials, plea bargains, etc. We need to clear the court backlog and the country will move forward in that area.

Altimond Gordon, 29

Rating: 7/10

The time is rather short to give him a full assessment as many things would have been in place from the previous Government. However, I believe it’s a step in the right direction. The crime problem is a big issue, and what is lacking there is accountability of persons committing these acts. Security needs to be looked at, and for persons to sit in prison and eat taxpayers’ money, that won’t work.

Jennifer Keane Dawes

Rating: 3/10

All of the things he claimed would be done haven’t come to fruition. Anything he’s implemented was in the making from the previous Government. I don’t see one tangible thing. He doesn’t even make himself accessible to the press. Crime is the biggest problem and education needs to be more accessible.

Rory-Ann Bailey, 23

Rating: 9/10

Andrew relates well with the persons of this country, and the strategies he has implemented are realistic. The biggest area for improvement is crime. The police have a lot on their hands, and we the people need to work with them to make this country safe again.

Samantha Largie-Waugh, 24

Rating: 8/10

So far, he’s doing a great job, he makes promises and he fulfils the majority of them. He portrays himself very well to the society, very professional. We just need to control crime, and I believe being led by God, Andrew can make a difference.

Gayann Lyons, 28

Rating: 8/10

We couldn’t get any work as young people and I’m now seeing improvement. Crime won’t stop, but we can educate persons on how to better combat it.

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