Jamaican Mother of Four Dies Unexpectedly

Dahiema ‘Vanette’ Wilson woke up last Friday morning not feeling like her usual self – she felt aches and pain all over her chest. After sitting on her veranda to ‘cool off’, family members realised that she was having difficulty breathing. She was rushed to the hospital but passed away soon after. Wilson’s kids, including a one-month-old, are now left to pick up the pieces.

Wilson’s family and friends at Courts, Tivoli Gardens, say they are still in disbelief that she is gone. Her stepsister, Dahlia Gentles, told THE STAR she showed no sign of illness leading up to her death.

“Me neva expect har fi dead because she neva did sick or nothing. Just that har foot dem did kinda swell. Probably she did a over work and never rest har body or something like that. Me neva expect har fi dead…me neva expect har fi nuh come back out a the hospital. All now me caa believe seh she dead same way. Me a try cope and me have me sister fi help me get through,” she said in disbelief.

She added that Wilson’s children have not taken the news of her death well. “A wah day she have baby…har baby a bout one month now. Four kids she have . She was a good girl. She jovial, she funny, yuh can go to har and talk bout anything. She love cook, she love work, she love clean. And yuh know she love har kids dem…she was happy even though she did stop work because she get pregnant,” she said.

breathing problem

She’s not able to make any sense of this – she describes her sister’s passing as unexplainable. “Har babyfather seh she wake up and feel hot. So she go outa door go cool off and go in back. Him hug har up and she did feel cold, then she start have breathing problem again…she did a struggle fi breathe and dem rush har go up a hospital. She did a walk good good go in a the hospital and everything. She neva did a walk lean or anything, so me nuh know a what happen”, she said.

Meanwhile, Derron Johnson, who was a close friend to the deceased, told THE STAR that he is unsure how he’s going to move on without her. “Vanette is a good girl, enuh…she help me out a lot. She wash me clothes dem, she cook food gi mi, everything! Me nuh know weh me a go do without har right now. Me caa believe she jus go dung a hospital and dead suh … dead lef har four pickney dem. Me nuh really understand dat,” he said.

The family says they are currently waiting on an autopsy to get some answers.

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