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Video: Another Case of Child Abuse in Jamaica

(McKoy’s News) – Another Case of Child Abuse: WARNING: Graphic video, viewer discretion is necessary.

The video below which went viral on social media shows a Westmoreland mother beating a young child between 5 – 7 year-old mercilessly. The small child screams and begs repeatedly while on the floor and desperately trying to get away from the attack, as the woman slaps her face, pulls her hair and threatens to use the belt buckle to hit her in the face, while threatening to cut off the child’s head clean, as a baby lying on the nearby bed cries!

The authorities have intervened in this matter and visit the home of the mother and her children.

This child abuse video is on the heals of another viral video where a mother was seen violently beating a child with a machete.

When will this end? Whether it is being done with a good motive or not, it ought not to be done at all. We also see that the abuse is no respecter of age or stature of the child; it does not even matter if they are tall or short, boy or girl. However, this must stop. We must (once and for all) put an end to child abuse, no matter who the perpetrator is. It cannot and must not continue or else our children will not be able to live to grow up to see their future.

Have a heart and report child abuse!

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