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SS the Showstopper

By SS the Showstopper

Jamaica, ( Mckoy’s News) – A prominent High School in Jamaica is allegedly charging students a late entry fee if they get to school after the 7:45 start time. This late entry fee for late attendance is concerning to many parents and Jamaicans.

As per students there is a reduction in the purchase of lunch on the school premises, due to students not being able to afford it.

According to report from students late fee was implemented by the new principal of the school three months ago. The school is charging the student this entry fee from $50 to $100 after the bell rings. It appears to be a stipulated undocumented rule at this high school and not just a temporary measure to encourage students punctuality.

“If you reach 8 a.m., yuh haffi pay $50. Later than 8 a.m. and you pay $100. I know a lot of children who have to pay, and some go hungry,” said one student. “You pay the security first, then you enter and go to the dean of discipline for a receipt. The name of the teacher whose class you should be in at that time is written on the receipt. You show it and enter the class,” the student added.

“The children dem still come late, but if you are late more than three times you can get suspended because they keep track of it. It unfair and a lot of students talk up about it because dem lunch money a shorten,” another student said.

The Mckoy’s News team have not heard from the Ministry of Education in regards to such policy practice at this high school but we understand parents are irate about such measures and are seeking information from the ministry on its stipulation.

The complaint many parents are having is that they live in volatile areas and sending students off as early as 6 am is not safe. “No parents aguh sen dem pickney pan road fi get shot early a mawning,” on parent said. “Me caan affoad fi my pickney ded because a punctuality or pay as you enter fee.”

Other concern citizens are asking if this will be an all island practice, if the Ministry has a say in this or is the disciplinary actions taken by schools are no longer in place. Some persons on social media have expressed a convenient extortion and capitalizing on bad behavior in children seems to be a trend everywhere, instead of being a disciplinarian and a mentor.

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