Jamaican Healthcare Worker Dies of COVID-19 in Canada

‘A Jamaican-born protecting personal support worker (PSW) who resides and works in Ontario, Canada, has reportedly died from the coronavirus (COVID-19) last week.

Dead is 51-year-old Arlene Reid.

Reid was employed Victorian Order of Nurses in Peel Region, an organization that delivers home and community care, however, the employer is saying that the organization as yet to be formally notified that the woman has passed.

It is being reported that Reid, who had no previously diagnosed health conditions, had returned to work from vacation and quarantined for 14 days, as required by the provincial and municipal governments. She took extra precaution and quarantined for two additional days.

When Reid had returned to work, she was notified that one of the patients she was to care for had been treated for COVID-19. She was reportedly uncomfortable with this choice because one of her daughters had cancer—therefore, she did not want to return, however, she was warned that it would be job insubordination.

She returned and began staying that her eldest daughter’s home.

She shortly became ill and began to self-isolate.  She tested positive for the virus on the 17th of April.

Her health slow declined and within seven days she was unable to breathe.

Her daughter contacted the 911 and began performing CPR on her mother.

The paramedics later arrived and tried to resuscitate her. But they failed in their attempts and Reid was subsequently pronounced dead.

She is survived by her five children and three grandsons.

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