Jamaican Foods

Jamaican Foods
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jamfoodsHere are some of the most delicious Jamaican foods on the island…

Rice and peas and chicken, jerk chicken, curry chicken, Ackee and Salt fish and dumplings, meat patties, escovitched fish, callaloo, peas soup, oxtail, cowfoot, “run-dung”,…and more…

Rice and Peas and Chicken
rice and peas mealThis one is at the top of the list of our island favorites. We eat it every sunday…with either some carrot juice or sour sop juice on the side.

Every man, woman, boy, and girl on the island look forward to this sunday treat every week…and if sunday comes and it is not on the table, then it just does not feel right. Even the poorest of family on the island, will find ways to get this traditional sunday meal on the table every week.

If you are interested in knowing how to cook it, click here.

Curry Chicken
curry chicken mealHere is delicious Jamaican dish #2! You can eat it with “white” rice, rice and peas, bread, dumplings…just about anything you choose!

The idea came about a long time ago, after the Indians brought curry to the island. The west African slaves took this curry, added a variety of spices to it, and out came the Jamaican curry powder. When used to season and cook chicken or goat, for that matter, the result is one of the most savory of Jamaican foods.

It is important to note that the key ingredient is the Jamaican curry powder…since not all curries are created equal Here is the recipe, if you are interested in learning how to cook it.

More curry recipe…
– Jamaican Curry Shrimp Recipe…
– Curry Goat Recipe…

Ackee and Saltfish and Dumplings
ackee and salt fishAnother sumptuous favorite among Jamaican foods! This one is so good that the government slapped the tag of NATIONAL DISH “pon” it.

A few pads of ackee, cooked with some well seasoned saltfish…and you have the most delicious combination there is. Add that to some cooked or fried dumplings and the combination is complete.

The only thing left to do is enjoy!

cooking it is not that hard either. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and you are on your way to making one of the most delcious Jamaican meal on the planet. Here’s the recipe to enjoy!

Jamaican Meat patty
Another delicious delight…

We eat this one on the island just about everyday…mainly for lunch with a bottle of ‘soft drinks’ (soda) or some box drinks…along with a cocoa bread or two on the side.

…and it comes in all forms – spicy beef, chicken, and veggie…and they are all delicious. Even though it is mostly cooked at local restaurants, you can most certainly make your own…and still get the same delicious taste. If you are interested in learning how to make it, here is a a simple recipe for you to follow…enjoy!

More recipe…
– Coco Bread Recipe

Jerk Chicken
jerk chicken cookingThis is one of those Jamaican foods that will set your mouth on some good fire! The flavor, the aroma, the taste, the heat…they are out of this world. I love “me” some jerk chicken! If you have never tasted it before, you are really missing something special!

Just come on down to Jamaica and you will see what I am talking about. Jerk chicken is everywhere! From the push cart man, to the little corner restauant, to much bigger central restaurant, to the tourist resorts.

…all amazing Jerk chicken sources. But the best thing about it is…you can cook it yourself. so, if you want to learn how to do it, here’s the secret

More Jerk recipe…
– Jamaican Jerk Pork Recipe…

Escovitch Fish
cook escovitch fishHmmm….Hmmmm! All you need for this one is some fish from the Caribbean waters, a few simple spices, and you are set to go! I have to tell you that I tried other fishes, but it’s just not the same. No offense!

My favorite fish to use for this one is red snapper fresh from the ocean. It is very easy to cook. To make your own, here’s the recipe…

The last one on the list of Jamaican foods, for now, is callaloo. We call this poor man food. callaloo meal…reason being, you can plant it in your back yard, take care of it, reap it, and cook when its ready!

You don’t need a lot of money for this one…and there are a lot of ways to cook it. The recipe below is just give you one of the ways. Enjoy! here’s the recipe!


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