Jamaican Comedian Proposed to Male Lover at New York Show

New York, USA (Mckoy’s News) Jamaican Comedian Proposed to Male: Runner-up in the 2007 Comedy Buss competition – Jamaican Comedian Gabre Nelson, proposed to his boyfriend during a live show in New York. Nelson said that he stands by his decision to exercise his freedom of speech and right to propose to his male lover.

The proposal while he was performing on stage at the comedy event, at which he was an unscheduled guest performer, sent the mainly Jamaican audience into a frenzy.  Mckoy’s News understands that when Nelson announced the proposal to his other half of over eight years, cheers of support were heard and placards began waiving, but as soon as the crowd realized that the receiving partner was a man, the venue went silent, as if people were frozen, and it seemed like his supporters with placards were moving in slow motion.

His mate said YES.

Persons got up and immediately began leaving the show, while others were throwing things at him on the stage. As the newly proposed couple galloped from the building, the Jamaican audience who were present for the family show, inflamed in an uproar.

The proposal came after Nelson was described as a gay man, which he says he is proud to be, and following another comedian who sang Buju Banton’s Boom Bye Bye while on stage. Nelson, who now lives in the US, took the stage and also sang Boom Bye Bye, and then proposed to his male lover on bended knees.

Jamaican Comedian Proposed to Male:
Gabre Nelson: Jamaican Comedian Proposed to Male Lover

The comedian who says he is not hiding his sexuality, which he has known since he was six-year-old, is sticking to his contention that Jamaicans are backward as it relates to acceptance of homosexuality. Nelson says he is not concerned with Jamaica’s acceptance of his lifestyle, because he has no need to return to Jamaica.

Nelson even embraced the “number two,” saying that he placed number two in the Comedy Buss, “so number two is definitely my number.”

Winner of Comedy Buss, Rohan Gunter, who was booked for the same show, called Nelson’s proposal poor judgement. He said that while everyone is entitled to their lifestyle, better decisions should be made, because – emphasized Gunter, “it was a ” hard-core” Jamaican audience,” “so his action could cause a violent outbreak.” “I think it was inappropriate,” “he wasn’t booked for the show, he was just invited,” he said.

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