Jamaican Bad Men Love Women Too

A video of one of St. James’ Most Wanted, Ziggy, was being circulated over one year ago.

In the video, the man can be seen crying while uttering the words
Please me a beg yuh Chantel, tun on the phone nuh
Please me a beg yuh ute
Parri, me love me ooman ute…
In another recording, a girl, Amoy, can be heard in conversation with a man suspected to be him. The conversation goes roughly as follows.
Male: u nuh know wah u a do to me enuh Amoy. me hurt u enuh ute and me really sorry enuh baby… me a beg u. tek me foolish advice babes.
Female: so wah mek u neva tek fimi foolish advice when u kick me inna mi face? … wah mek u neva tek mi foolish advice and leave me alone?
The above is mere proof that Ziggy is abusive to the woman heard in the voice note.
In the next part of the voicenote, he can be heard victimizing himself and gaslighting her experience.
Male: Me just waa show u how much me sorry ute… u deh drive me crazy ute. me deh and me cyaa wul’ it. me a try fi gi u likkle space cause u seh fi nuh call u phone, but the more me a do it the more it deh hurt me, it deh hurt me,  it deh hurt me,  it deh hurt me,  (it deh hurt me x13). U know me love u, me a beg u, tek mi foolish advice.
Male: me never know seh a so feelings feel when u really love somebody
Female: stop talk bout love
The woman then expressed how he was not there when she was going through something. She then gets aggressive, portraying immunity to his words, stating that he has hurt her more than she hut him. This insinuates that this is a cycle that she has been weak to.
He then gets aggressive and less sympathetic to her feelings, stating that he needs to see her to release his feelings. She responds by saying
A see u waa see me and Chantel fi kill we and dash we weh?
She then explains that he has made her fear him, increasingly, until now, it is just full-blown fear.
He then started victimizing himself once again, stating he has “never felt this way before,” and that he “can’t get over it.”
Amoy counteracted by questioning his acts of abuse whilst claiming he loves her so. She also reminded him that she was so badly bruised that it showed itself physically, her eyes were still black regardless of her efforts to get rid of the evidence.
She then asked,
So how u look yah now? U supposed to fava madman.
This not only suggested that she still cared about her ex-lover, but that she felt some weakness toward him. Also, her asking that is a sign that she is prolonging the conversation, making it more likely for her to go back to him, especially by giving him more room to express himself.
He responded,
Me maaga dung! Me face bush up! Me nah eat! Me stressed out!
They then proceeded to discuss his court proceedings, and she suggested accompanying him to court.
This is the unfortunate reality of toxic relationships, specifically, abusive toxic relationships. Even when a person knows better, it is simply much easier for them to stay.
Ziggy then proceeded to get aggressive with Amoy when she said they will be able to talk while they are in the courthouse. He mocked her aggressively with attempts to normalize his actions, stating that men are abusive to women all the time.
She continued to defend herself and beliefs, stating that he was simply wrong for abusing her, no questions asked.
The voice note continued with them going back and forth at each other, and Ziggy continuing to defend himself and beg for her forgiveness, not that his actions would change, not that he promised to never hurt her again. And, she showed signs of weakness.

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