Jamaicaeye Now Has Over 100 Private Partners

Jamaica News: More than 100 private partners have joined the network of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras being used for the JamaicaEye initiative since its inception in March 2018.

The programme, which was implemented in an effort to utilise both private and government cameras to monitor public spaces, is being used to monitor crime, accidents, natural disasters or other emergencies, to make response more effective.

“This partnership will allow us to expand our footprint and our situational awareness,” Senior Director of Modernisation and Strategic Projects at the Ministry of National Security, Arvel Grant, said at a JIS ‘Think Tank’, today (July 18).

He explained that the cameras being placed by the Government as part of the network will be installed in high-priority strategic locations, based on information garnered through analysis of crime and accident data.

In the meantime, Mr. Grant implored more Jamaicans to become part of the movement and “make a contribution to secure their own spaces,” through the provision of camera feed from their personal CCTV.

He said that persons interested in joining the network may log on to the JamaicaEye website at www.jamaicaeye.gov.jm, where they will be taken through an interactive portal, which will allow them to sign on.

Mr. Grant added, further, that in cases where there are issues signing up, a technician will reach out with a response email.

JamaicaEye Project Coordinator, Emil Holgate, said that for participants in the programme, “if an incident is recorded by your camera, you will not be required to give evidence in court”.

He explained that the connectivity allows JamaicaEye to record directly from the private individual’s camera, “so once the footage is recorded we would not need to come to your location to download anything”.

JamaicaEye, which was launched in March 2018 by the Ministry of National Security, is a national CCTV surveillance programme geared at improving public safety.


Source: JIS News

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