Jamaica Trade Information Portal Being Expanded

Jamaica News: The Trade Board Limited (TBL) is looking to expand the scope of the Jamaica Trade Information Portal (JTIP) by adding trade in services to the goods category.

Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank session at the Agency’s head office in Kingston, Trade Administrator and TBL Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Webster, said the proposed move is primarily consequent on the service industry accounting for some 72 per cent of Jamaica’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“As currently constructed and operated, JTIP treats only with trade in goods. We want it to transcend that and we have an edict from Cabinet to the effect that it must be done as quickly as possible. We will be making every effort to ensure that that begins soon,” he explained.

Broadening of the JTIP’s scope will also see the TBL exploring the option of making the portal multilingual.

“We, at first, would want to have it out there in Spanish, and we are thinking of also including some of our biggest trading partners. So we are looking at, someday, [also] having the portal in Mandarin,” Mr Webster added.

Meanwhile, the TBL is developing methodology to gauge the impact of the portal, which was launched six months ago.

“We have to isolate the effect from the multiple interventions that are taking place simultaneously; so that is one of the components we will be working on. So we will be looking at tools, surveys and this is where our user group will be particularly important because [stakeholders, such as the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, and micro, small and medium enterprises] will help us inform the way forward,” Mr. Webster explained.

He advised that the portal has been performing as well as other TIPs at this stage of its utilisation.

JTIP is a single authoritative source for trade information relating to import-export regulations, and requirements and processes.

Persons interested in using the portal can visit – https://jamaicatradeportal.gov.jm/.

Source: JIS News

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