Jamaica to Host CICC Meeting May 29-31

Jamaica News, Kingston: Jamaica will host the CARICOM Joint Standing Committees of Chiefs of Immigration and Comptrollers of Customs (CICC) meeting from May 29 to 31, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, Kingston.

The 19th staging of the CICC conference will bring regional border security officials together to review the immigration processes, determine the current status of regional security structures and assess the need for modification in view of new and emerging trends.

The meeting will also address security challenges being faced by CARICOM member states that are contributing to the rising levels of criminal activities, such as the illegal drug trade, trafficking in firearms, human trafficking and smuggling, gang warfare, the deportation of criminals, unemployment and corruption.

Speaking with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer of the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), Andrew Wynter, said the agency and Jamaica Customs will be hosting the conference to facilitate several sessions, to exchange best practices, to enhance the regional fight against crime and to strengthen the security agenda.

“The meeting brings together all the Heads of Immigration and Customs across the region to review and update existing MOUs and legislation relating to deportation of criminal offenders and the strategies to deal with deportees.  We will also look at the issues affecting CARICOM nations and the movement of persons and illegal migration,” he said.

“The meeting will also evaluate the laws and regulations on human trafficking and smuggling, and mass migration vis-à-vis transnational organised criminal activities,” Mr. Wynter added.

He said the agenda will consider technological improvements in border security and immigration and how these can be introduced to countries that are lagging behind.

Mr. Wynter said that at the end of the meeting, participants will be able to determine regional strategies that can be implemented to harmonise operations and to improve travel across borders.

Another anticipated outcome from the CICC meeting, Mr. Wynter said,  will be the recommendations “that will be presented to the Council of National Security and Law Enforcement (CONSLE), an entity with all the Ministers of National Security in the region”.

He explained that following the CICC meeting, the CONSLE will be responsible for the implementation of actions agreed on relating to crime and security, and collaborate with national and international crime-prevention and control agencies to determine trends, methodologies and strategies for crime prevention and to enhance security.


Source: JIS News


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