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Over 40 Schools in Jamaica Still Use the Shift System

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Jamaica News, January 2, 2018

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Shift System: The Minister of Education Youth and Information, Senator The Honourable Ruel B. Reid has said he is committed to eradicating the shift system in schools in Jamaica during his tenure as Minister of Education.

Speaking yesterday at a block opening at St James High in the parish, Senator Reid said 42 schools are still using the shift system in Jamaica.  He said the shift system has proven to be problematic, since not all children are in school at the same time, among other issues.

St James High currently uses the shift system.

Senator  Reid also said St James is one of the parishes which will be receiving a new high school. He said he believes education and training will contribute significantly to solving the problem of crime and violence in St. James.

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