Jamaica is Becoming Dangerous to its Residents

It is unfathomable how people have to live in constant fear of their lives. Many people take routes they wrongfully think will take them out of harm’s way. Knowing the high crime rate in Jamaica, there are people out there who make conscious decisions to live simple lives that would lower their chance of being exposed to harm. These people might wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner for themselves, then go to sleep, and the cycle repeats. Considering the growing death rate amongst various segments of the population, which challenges the way of life that is utopian, people are believing more and more that this is the best route to take.

For instance, life expectancy amongst young adults was, at one point in time, higher than the elderly. Elderly people are predisposed to more illnesses that they eventually succumb to. Now, young adults die from drug overdoses, car accidents, and, sadly, violent crimes. This is becoming so prominent that people tend to not even do a double take on incidents such as these anymore.

It is unfortunate that there is evidence that these people who decide to choose simple, safe lives, are still exposed to danger.

Unfortunately, although their daily plan is straightforward, people may have to wait in-between each planned action. For instance, some take public transportation, which challenges their ability to just go right home after work. They are exposed to people both on the taxi, or bus, or pillion that will transport them. They are also naked and easily targeted while they wait on transportation to arrive. It is no wonder why some people run and hop onto the bus in Half Way Tree while the bus is still in motion, in the late hours of Tuesday, after work when it is starting to get dark out.

It is not because they are impatient and selfish to others’ desires and discomfort. It is simply because they are prioritizing their own. Why leave themselves in harm’s way to spare the life of a stranger who they most likely will never see again?

This article may sound like an exaggeration, but just weeks ago, two men were firing after each other with rifles in the crowded streets of St. James Street, Montego Bay. A passerby could have been seriously hurt, because no one really considers that a random shoot out would ensue between strangers and bring danger to the public.

But it happened.

And particular to this article, is the shootout that happened in Half Way Tree in a bus that was transporting passengers.

Does it still sound like an exaggeration?


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