Jahvillani Says He’s the Baddest In Video For New Song ‘Mighty’: Watch

Dancehall artiste Jahvillani continues to platform his badness for those who ever doubted it, as can be seen in his latest music video and single Mighty, which debuted May 19th on his VEVO page. Its rare to find the reserved Wileside Government doing any kind of theatrics in his videos, so its quite exciting to see him showing off his creative side in this musical production.

Jahvillani is often in the background, allowing actors and dancers to take center stage, the visuals for his Don’t Rush Remix single had his bad gyal assassins flicking over furniture and skillfully aiming guns behind the kitchen counter as they shot up two intruders, while the deejay chilled in another room unmoved and unbothered.

Well now the rifle is in the hands of the GOAT deejay to show audiences how it’s really done. Jahvillani icons a fearless thug vaulting from a car to forcefully lace his adversary with bullets and then leaving him for dead.

This all happens as he verses, “Powerful, we mighty, di p–sy dem doah bad like wi. Ketch him like stray dawg pon di radar, a suh di glock wave off and K blast. Mi know seh yuh fraid dawg yuh nu brave heart, suh mi put yuh duppy pon mi suede Clarkes.”

Everyone knows his affliction for his Wallabees but clearly he’s not concerned with getting them ruined to unleash his revenge. ‘ A mass murder when man rebel,” he says. His crew (with more bad females) all look vicious and heavily armed just waiting to strike.

The visuals shifts from war scenes to more relaxed settings to demonstrate how gangsters kick back; bikini-wearing ladies shaking their rumps, drinking, smoking weed and showing off more guns – All credited to Magical Studios (shot & edited) in part with Dynasty Entertainment Group and Zojak World Wide.

Never disappointing his fans, the Wileside Governement is being commended tireless on his YT page. Along with over 100k streams already, the comments are flooding in:

“Big BUMBOCLAAT Chune!   Jahvillani – Mighty #2020 #dancehall prince!, “This hard champ nuff respect on this video  ” and “Naw lie, mi rate how javi jump out addi Nissan and start squeeze off. Pull it up about 5times… ,” …. are just a taste of over 500 feedback admissions.

Check out real badness in Jahvillani’s new single Mighty below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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