Jahvillani And Trinidad Singer Prince Swanny Are On A ‘First Class Flight’: Watch

Since its release on June 19, 2020, First Class Flight has been trending and soaring with views. Uncharacteristic to current dancehall outputs, this track comprises four verses, three by Jahvillani and one by Swan Don Prince Swanny. The theme throughout is generally the same: “I’m doing well in my craft; I get any girl I want (even yours) and I’m always strapped.”

Jahvi starts by saluting states in the USA, and countries in the Caribbean. Giving a nod to his diligence at work, alluding to rising stock in the industry, there is no wonder why there are haters to his star life. A hit with the girls, confessing to being a lover of the badness, he embarks on a journey with a spliff in tow higher than a first-class flight.

Prince Swanny gets into his portion with the understanding that those who envy do so because of his infectious happiness and knack for money-making. He makes it clear that he is not one to be played with due to his familiarity with the crocodiles. Higher than the eagle, airplane and the satellite he is all about the paper and the girls; aware that the haters are speaking but being oblivious to them all.

Jahvillani then takes over to highlight his continued promotion and elevation to the chagrin of some. Hailing from the ghetto, he is a natural girl magnet and quite at home in some of the most notoriously bad areas on the island.

The role model of his peers, and the darling of extraordinary ladies; he is so high, he cannot be seen with the naked eye. Jahvi, being professionally and figuratively higher than NASA satellite, is so in love with the ladies he does multiples each day and night.

Join Jahvillani and Swanny on the First Class Flight below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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