Jahmiel Wields A ‘357’ As Chronic Law Asks If He Is ‘Relevant’ In New Diss Tracks

The ‘WAR of the Lyrical Guns’ continues between Jahmiel and Chronic Law with the exchange of two new diss tracks, ‘357‘ and ‘Relevant‘ respectively.  These artists are wasting no time, much to the undoing of the others who choose to retreat in this corona infested time. In less than a week, motivated by lyrical button pushing, both men have put out two fairly well-done songs.

All ambiguities put aside, if we were to try our vocals at the craft, we would have to say, “straight ‘wud a trow’, lyrics a flow and, all wah gwan, nuh name nah show’. Skillfully avoiding each other’s names both artistes have professionally responded; without folly, seriously addressing every word of his opponent in song.

In the last exchange (just 5 days ago), the artistes dropped Dead Xample and Pree.

Three days later, Jahmiel opened up his ‘357’, singing, “from a me dem a pree mi use di matic, tek eye outta socket, a di right time fi yuh dead, cause di road nahave nuh traffic”.

Jahmiel’s ‘357’ delivery is a bit more fast paced than his usual work. The almost 2.5 minutes of audio brings more in rhymes and lyrics per minute, in contrast to his previous song, Dead Xample, which was released less than a week ago. If we had any doubts that Jahmiel was talking about Chronic Law, then his reference to the garlic-rubbed knife, and the down play of the rifling power-cut must have confirmed it. A matter a fact, Chronic Law is encouraged to go and pay his bills.

In a usual catchy chorus of 3 and 4 times rhymes of colorful artistic warlike flow, Jahmiel, like supligent boost up his opponent, to put a foot’ – ‘”To me dem smaller dan a microchip, mj sicka dan a psycho-tic, yuh die suh quick, di brico lif, a gun mi buss a knife yuh pic…

Of course, in his usual seriously militant style Chronic Law answered to the Patriotz Muzik audio, with his 45-highlight response ‘Relevant’, “any whe wi guh wi light up di place… “him feel like him tuff…45 fat like car when it rims up”

Just a little over 24 hours later Chronic Law rose to the occasion with his big lyrical 45 in hand. Released on April 19, 2020, Chronic made it clear that dem nuh ‘Relevant’, and that he was really responding for his fans – “unu nuh relevant. jus a duh dis fi di whola a mi fans… If dem nuh pic war dem nahhave nuh song…

Chronic Law
In equal militancy, the Law Boss goes beyond ‘Pree’ to address his opponent’s relevance. This time calling names and making refence to the MVPs. Women behind the Patriotz men were singled out; Shan, the mother of Jameil’s child and Dahlia, mother of Mavado’s. This now leaves one question, will this become a war between the Patriotz/MVP and One Law Entertainment/6ix?

The Can’t Kill Mi artiste maintains that his opponent remains irrelevant, and that he is only seeking recognition, in hope to remain in the top ten position. Hence, without hesitation, Chronic promised to get rid of the irrelevant as a gift to his fans.

Worth noting is that 45 is a bigger gun than the 357, and already it seems Chronic Law may have lyrically won this round.

So, with no end in sight, fans eagerly await Jahmiel’s next response.  Listen to 357 and Relevant below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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