Jahmiel waste no time ‘Chip Glock’ lawboss diss

Produce by Patriotz Muzik

Within 24 hours or over, jahmiel diss up chronic law wicked !!!!
Jahmiel counterattack and throw a lot of punches ‘diss lyrics’ in the song
Jahmiel also leak some information about chronic law that we the public never know

“Akeem Campbell yuh life yuh go gamble Great man a duppy mek you is a next example “ jahmiel already have two
Duppy under his belt version and Tommy lee Sparta, jahmiel saying that chronic law is next
Dancehall nice again!!!

“Humpty dumpy egg get scrambled him a run all him gyal get straggle”

Jahmiel not Saving anybody
The Humpty dumpy really sticks this time

“Cwaan hype pan me we know bout yuh rape cast “
What is going on here ???
The public wants to know, what rape case ?!!

Chronic law need. to come and explain this rape case

Jahmiel shows no mercy

Check it out

 Jevauhani Nelson- News Reporter

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