Jahmiel ‘Teach Dem Again’ Chronic law Diss

Jahmiel ‘teach dem again’ no white flag around here, chronic law presumedly trying to throw the flag in his last song ‘School Dem’  jahmiel not having

Dem start a war now them wannh fi run
Great don full a money and f**king gun from this start you know it nahh go done “

Jahmiel has already tell chronic law not to forfeit
When he already press start, Throwing his first diss track out there at jahmiel and now he wants to throw in the white flag jahmiel and the people of dancehall not having it.

Dancehall nice again!!

“Teach Dem” has a lot of punchline and counter.

“Point and squeeze trigga finga nuh lazy
Pu**y haffy dead me killaz dem nuh shaky”

Chronic law said jahmiel brain was lazy, jahmiel counter that by saying his trigger is not lazy so

Jahmiel dealing with badness

“Law in a yuh name dat a bayy Bobylon kill them with the k middle suh me tan “

Chronic law made a line in his song saying that jahmiel has police friends,jahmiel attack that, and was like no your the one with law in your name. When you think of law you think of the police and the whole judiciary system

“Wouldn’t seh yuh rape if a never facts”
We have seen a document circulating online about the rape cases but we have no confirmation if this is true or not chronic law has not cleared up his name as yet
The people of dancehall if this is true or not

Was Akeem Campble charge for rape?

Check it out


Jevauhani Nelson- News Reporter 


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