Jahmiel Drops New Chronic Law Diss, ‘Teach Dem Again’

Aiming for complete and final annihilation, Jahmiel in a mike dropping performance, takes listeners on an expletive filled, name calling, lyrical lesson in ‘Teach Dem Again’.

The lyrical feud between Chronic Law (Akeeme Campbell) and the Patriotz Deejay Jahmiel began 4 rounds ago, with the 4th round ending with the Law Boss’ School Dem. Thus, the Patriotz Deejay, has rendered a psycho defined response to start round 5.

Reflective of an artiste who understands the composition of chorus writing, he continues to ensure that the song will resonate with his rival as well as every listener – effortlessly commanding an engaging sing along. He packages his start to round 5 in an effective intro and catchy chorus, which builds anticipation for the piercing, yet clear response. Unlike Chronic Law, he responds to everything, in true clash battle style, skillfully countering all his opponent has said, even the rhymes.

Represented in the cover art, the Teach Dem Again April 24, 2020 late night release shows a well-dressed Jahmiel, pressing a gun against the head of a so called ‘dunce’ student.

The title itself is a direct response to Chronic Law’s ‘School Dem’. As if the title was not enough, or as if we would not get it, The Chip Glock deejay whose given name is Jamiel Foster opened by addressing the attempted end to the war by the Law Boss – “Dem start a war now dem waan fi run…, from di start yuh know it nah go dun, dem cyan school me dem a f…king dunce.”

Stepping forward in his usual assured, assertive militant delivery and song friendly flow, the catchy chorus resounded that the battle will not be bought-out; for the Patriotz will stop at nothing until all rivals standing resides underground. Like a bonus the Murderous artiste added, that no tears will ‘Sandra’ bear when she hears of the gruesome (shit-flying) murder of the dunce. “Sandra” is Chronic Law’s mom.

Jahmiel continues to remind his rival of his psychotic diagnosis, thus, his pre, meds, almost daily bread, is simply murdering ‘dem’. Thus, he explains, “whe mi du, point an squeeze, finga nuh lazy, p…y haffi dead mi killa dem hun shaky, any whe wig uh a dat name bravery”. This addresses several of Chronic Law’s points in just one flow.

As Jahmiel continues, to flavour his rhymes with psycho-murder limericks, he takes down every one of his rival’s points in just a few minutes. Noting, he has never failed a mission, never taken a kick, a slap (box ‘inna’ face) or a box-down, the psycho teacher rose from his chair, and said, ‘win uh conch man, wi undergroun dem’.

Reiterating that the kill is quick an easy – reach 12 and in an hour the dead can be handled – is synonymous with his quick response style, though not literally, but metaphorically, quite quickly after his rival ‘spoils’.

Though not overlayered with lyrics, he dispenses his artistry addressing more and more points recorded in School Dem – With splices of the catchy chorus, and verses directed at his ‘dunce’ rival, he never fails to remind that the war will end in a (lyrical) crime, and he is not the one running, so he will be last man standing.

But, ‘Who laughs last laughs best’, and ‘the last man standing takes it all’. Today fans hold firm that ‘Pree Dis’ from the Law Boss is still the best of all the 9 battle-songs.  But truth be told, the win selection is all decided on work done throughout all the rounds. Now that we have heard from the two self-made teachers, who is the preschool and who is the high school teacher?

Previously, Chronic Law said he was done talking, but now that his nemesis has responded, will he rescind his decision and respond with lyrical precision?

Will Chronic stand down or release another song?  Or, will one stand and the other by default decline ‘undergrun’?


Source: Dancehallmag

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