Jahmiel Drops His Acidic Chronic Law Diss Track ‘Chip Glock’: Listen

Forget ambiguities and responding to hidden messages within lyrics, dancehall artiste Jahmiel is now on a first name basis with his nemesis, Ackeme Campbell otherwise known as Chronic Law.

This is the start of round 3 of their quite epic feud.

Part1 – Identifying the Enemy

The vague clashing of words started in Jahmiel’s single Dead Xample, which was somewhat of a clearing of the air. Jahmiel says he doesn’t take disrespect very lightly, not because his egotistical enemy ‘sleeps with a gun on his belly’ it doesn’t make him an easy target. Identifying the Law Boss through his own lyrics in a previous song, which states ‘gun pon belly the Beretta neva leff’.

The Counteraction

Chronic Law responds with an unbothered retaliation in his single Pree, seamlessly admitting that he is a murderer and been one from ‘him likkle in a class’. So if anyone wants to start a war, he is more than ready to oblige.

Part 2 – Throwing of Words

Still not naming names, Jahmiel drops the single 357, emphasizing the weapon of choice he’ll be using to take down Humpty Dumpty, the Law Boss. Jahmiel transforms into a heartless killer in this round (unlike before when he sent ‘a one killer fi empty yuh jelly’).

This time the Strongest Soldier deejay says he’s personally going to slaughter the fat f–ker and promises the sinister act will be so gruesome that it leaves his onlooking friend puking on the floor.

The Counteraction

Law’s comeback is delivered through his single Relevant, and not necessarily wanting to deal with the “mix-up Rastaman” nonetheless takes more direct jabs. “A nuh great man a waste man yuh hear dat, dem strongest soldier nuh brave like a Dahlia”, he says not only unequivocally citing his rival but also naming one of the MVP’s women, Mavado’s to be specific.

Chronic Law. Courtesty Instagram/@1law_chroniclaw357
He goes on to retort several disses that were thrown at him in 357 and promises threats via his rifle and even bombs, ‘fling bakkle boom in a dem house and have dem family a sleep pon road”. Yet the main prod was implying that Jahmiel’s goal for picking a war with him, the Law Boss was to become ‘Relevant’.

Part 3 – The War Is On With Jahmiel’s Chip Glock

Now Jahmiel is really heated, his riposte Chip Glock dropped the same day, within a few hours of the release of Chronic Law’s single Relevant today April 19th. The Great Man deejay has matured faster than overnight and is now on a first name basis with the Law Boss, no more beating around the bushes, he says…

“Ackeme Campbell yuh f**king life yuh go gamble … da duppy maker yuh a go be mi next example, trample face under mi ankle, eagle mout dat a triangle, buss di head kill di egg, Humpty Dumpty scramble”. A nine-night filled with candles is then held for the egg and we know who that is.

The incessant ranting goes on and on with such rapid spitting of lyrics intertwined with witty rhymes, truly demonstrating the mastermind of this brilliant deejay. This heated counteraction then kicks things up a notch, sending a message to Crapdon (Shab Don) to let him know that he’s been seeing his baby mother.

Now this is directly responding to Law’s claims in Relevant that the music producer Shab Don was sleeping with the Patriotz boss’s baby mother. So Jahmiel just wants them both to know, he was sleeping with Shab Don’s mistress first.

More juicy matters are unveiled when Jahmiel drops a banger, “Cyaa hype pon me dawg, mi know bout yuh rape case”. It’s no surprise that Law has been in jail, while the deejay has mentioned it in his music before, he has never disclosed why.

At this point in the track, Jahmiel wears his badge of slaughtering excellence proudly by letting the Law Boss know that he is nowhere on his level, for example he’s always on a plane (true, check his Insta) and to surrender “Just tell di people yuh nu able fi kill me like Cain”.

He doesn’t slow down, calling Law gay for sleeping with his friend Bashy, a popular mention in many of his songs and also in Revelation for having his back. More fat shaming follows, Jahmiel’s beef is badness not patty beef which the Chaw Boss (he switched his name again for relevance) perhaps consumes too much of along with KFC. Also blaming his poor choice in food for giving him belly cramps.

After multiple disses, the disheartened Money Money deejay adds that he didn’t know he had to kill one of his fans, since Humpty Dumpty knew all of his songs. Then dove right back into hammering his opponent into the ground “Chaw boss tough chat yuh rather, could a tell yuh s*ck back yuh modda, but mi nu join di one bag a talking mi a go make mi daddy f**k back yuh modda”.

This sums up Jahmiel’s timely, very explosive and diss-packed counteraction to Chronic Law’s Revelation. The title Chip Glock was used to troll Law as it’s the weapon of choice for the 6ix clan in their lyrics.  The 357 Magnum is also the Law Boss’ favorite, he even includes it in his Insta handle.

Anyhow, things are expected to get pretty heated now, let’s see if Law is able to hold his own. In the meantime check out the lyrics to Chip Glock below —


Source: Dancehallmag

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