Jah Vinci Responds To Popcaan’s Diss With Positivity In New Song, ‘Fight War’

Jah Vinci is finally speaking out after fellow dancehall artiste Popcaan dissed him publicly a few weeks ago. The singer has released a positive new single titled, ‘Fight War’ today on his official YouTube channel. Listen to it below.

The lyrics, which are clearly directed at Popcaan, includes lines like, “Family…quick fi war with dem own // Nah listen dem, just a war with dem phone” and “If fi inna life mi n my friends dem fallout dem knw seh a fi dem fault and if mi see it seh a mi a di problem mi ask jah fi change mi heart”.

In the track, produced by NotNice Records, Vinci makes it clear with solid vocals that he doesn’t have time to “fight a war”. “How mi fi do yuh like Cain do Abel,” Jah Vinci sings in the chorus revealing that he just can’t fight somebody who he considers a brother.

Jah Vinci’s Fight War
He has been social distancing instead, long before the COVID-19 outbreak.  “Man a practice social distance long before corona // Know bout social media, long before da phone yah // So mi nuh listen all the words dem a throw”, he sings.

Jah Vinci, whose real name is Andre Rhoden, is known for motivational and uplifting music, so his response to Popcaan’s Instagram diss should come at no surprise.

The saga started [publicly] several weeks ago on producer NotNice’s Instagram Live when Popcaan accused Vinci of having only one good track. He also called Rhoden a “fish tea bwoy”.

At the time, it was not clear to everyone, including NotNice, where Popcaan’s disrespectful comments were coming from. However in a later Live, NotNice sided with Jah Vinci saying “Popcaan ah p%$$y”.  That kicked off a feud between Popcaan and NotNice by itself which even dragged Quada in, but not before Popcaan cleared the air about why he dissed Jah Vinci. Popcaan revealed that he felt Jah Vinci was an ungrateful lair, who has never given him any credit or thanked him for the several times he was given help to advance his dancehall career.

Following the public fall out, Popcaan released a track of his own titled, Here To Stay, with some contentious verses, sounding warnings about green-eyed individuals. He sings “Mi done tell Quada Don long time nuh trust family, mi nuh trust friends.”

Fans welcomed the mature response from the Heart Too Clean singer. “This is how u reply with positivity Jah Vinci ah legend,” said one fan in the comments of the 3-minute track. “This suppose to hit poppy hard, him suppose to look Inna himself and say u know MI badmind”, said another.

Listen to the new single below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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