Jah Lee Banking on His Latest Release

At a time when Jah Lee was planning to make a big name for himself in music, here comes the Coronavirus which he thinks has hit the music industry hard.

He was booked for two shows in April and May. The one that he was banking on to create an impact was the Hanover Agricultural show, which was set for the Jockey Factory, but has had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nevertheless, he plans to use the opportunity to promote his latest song which was released late last month.

The song is entitled ‘The DJs Can’t Make No Hits’. It refers to the many songs that are now playing on the airwaves and that he believes are of no substance and not pleasing to the ears.

“If you listen to many of these songs nowadays, they make no sense to you, it cannot relate to a good story or something current.”

In the meantime, he wants to thank Mello FM radio station for the airplay that the song is getting.

Hailing from the Mount Salem community of Montego Bay. Jah Lee, who is christened Osbourn Campbell, was born in St Ann but came to St James at a tender age to live with his father.

During his early years he was learning electrical engineering, but with music in his blood, (so to speak) he quit that vocation and went full time into music. His first time in a studio was in 2008, when he penned ‘Green Lime  wash off you Self.’ The popularity of that song gained him a place on Reggae Sumfest 2008.

When asked about his Reggae Sumfest performance, he said it was so pleasing that for many weeks people still seeing me in the streets and congratulating me for that performance, and that motivated me to work harder. A few weeks after he went back into the studio to do two songs ‘Ataclaps’, and ‘Take It Easy’. Jah Lee is looking forward to starting the ball rolling in music as soon as the COVID-19 crisis.


Alan Lewin 

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