Jafrass Returns Home To Show Off His Street Cred In New Video, ‘One Word Boss’

Dancehall artiste Jafrass has released the official video for his new catchy track One World Boss on YouTube. The video was filmed in the singer’s hometown St. James and the song was produced by NotNice Records.  Jafrass, whose real name is Shevin Jarett and who was seemingly at the centre of a recent beef with Unruly Boss Popcaan, is signed to the NotNice label along with Jah Vinci.

The perceived war between Jafrass and Popcaan culminated with the release of Jafrass’ single, Well Precise as many fans think the song was a response to Popcaan trolling him on social media. “Dem a nuh action killer. Internet badman, caption killer dem…Diss di link and think dem escape, buss one inna dem face”, Jafrass deejays in Well Precise.

Both artistes have since unfollowed each other on Instagram.

One Word Boss doesn’t seem to address any of these issues but rather is used to showcase Jafrass’ hometown and his strength in the streets. The visuals open on the scenic countryside before moving on to a much grittier street scene.

The video seems to display the power that he holds in his hometown in terms of thugs and of course the expensive cars, money and sexy women that he portrays throughout the video.

The chorus boasts: “One word boss, we doh take no threat, we get we gun dem fas.” The video is a constant display of scantily dressed women and there is nothing particularly outstanding or spectacular about it except for the fact that the track is hot.

One Word Boss is used to send a simple message, he’s ready for war and is backed by his community as was also shown by his fans’ comments.  In the few hours after it premiered today (April 24th) the video had already amassed over 35 000 views and 405 comments.

Fans are appreciative of his efforts.

One fan said: “One of the underated artiste in ja. Him deserve more exposure ,” while another added: “Jafrass a real badman from longtime nuh like some artiste wey ah jus chat u understand  ,” and another added: “This yute jus a stay in a him lane and make good music. Respect genna keep up the good work your up their with the best of them.”

On Instagram one fan said, “1word..a force to reckon with this one artist that will stay relevant for a long, long, long time,” another said: “1word boss nuh joke mi gaad”

Watch the video for One Word Boss below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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